God's Real Name

What Is God’s Real Name?


So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the WHOLE WORLD; he was cast to the earth, and his angels [demons] were cast out with him (Revelation 12:9).

In what particular manner has this WHOLE WORLD been deceived?

And when it says the WHOLE WORLD, this includes the greatest leaders of the hundreds of squabbling and debating religious groups in today’s Christian world.

Obviously, we cannot just brush aside this most important topic, neither can we simply ignore nor turn a blind eye to it. We now need to face the facts squarely concerning this topic…

Especially at this “time of the end” when God Himself revealed thru the prophet Daniel that “knowledge shall increase” (Daniel 12:4).

And not only that, but the apostle Peter’s final admonition to the believers was to “grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior…” (2 Peter 3:18). Are we following that admonition?


The Apostle Paul put his finger on one of the strategies of Satan when he said: “whose minds the god of this age [Satan] has blinded…” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Surprisingly, the great majority of peoples in this world, are not blinded physically, but rather they are blinded spiritually by Satan the Devil. And it is a fact that a spiritually blinded mind [or deceived mind] does not even know, nor believe, nor accept that he or she is spiritually blinded or deceived. And this is the bigger problem that we have to reckon with in today’s society. Because our state of mind controls and affects our whole perceptions of true reality.


It has also been very accurately predicted that the end-time churches will be spiritually blind.

Listen to these very telling verses in Revelation 3:15-18:

“I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because you say, “I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked—I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.”

We cannot take pride in our good works, or our great wealth and resources. We cannot take pride in our level of knowledge to claim that we do not need anything more—spiritually speaking. But we need to anoint our eyes that we may see. That we might see what we still sadly lack.


To a “spiritually blinded person” the wrong view is the correct view. For example, when Paul and Silas were preaching God’s truths in Thessalonica, the unbelievers there created a mob and accused them of “turning the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). Thus, a spiritually blinded person cannot discern spiritual truth and reality from false perception. One in this particular case can be made to believe that right is wrong, and wrong is right. Can this also be your case?


And if you are one who does not seem to get the gist of this message—I just cannot blame you. I was in that exact spot and position as you are in before. I was fighting “tooth and nail” to oppose all the truths on this matter. As a long-time church minister, I was using every argument known (which I will be talking about more in Part 5 of this presentation later).

Until God in His grace and mercy opened my spiritual eyes to understand His truths on this matter. Therefore, just be patient, and please read on with [hopefully] spiritual understanding to the end of this article. Hopefully, in God’s own time, you may also eventually see and understand.


Because of the lengthy nature of this article, it will be divided into five major parts:

  1. The Principle of Using the Correct Proper Name
  2. The True Name of God in the Old Testament
  3. The True Name of the Messiah in the New Testament
  4. The Correct Principles in using God’s True Name
  5. Answers to Questions and Objections on this Topic


If you are a real son or daughter of your father, you will surely want to know the real and correct name of your father (and that of your elder brother), don’t you? Not just their titles or descriptions (as he is a businessman and a councilman), but to recognize their real names? And as a son or daughter, it is important that you really know these matters privately in your own heart, but not necessarily known to the public at large.

Because the Bible reveals that They both have real names. But the main problem is that this world [instigated by Satan the Devil] has deceptively hidden and or corrupted those names.


From a physical and grammatical matter alone, we know the principles of using PROPER NOUNS. This has to do with the exact spelling of the names of people, places, or things. Please remember that Proper Nouns (which always starts with Capital letters) never change at all in their spelling even with regards to changes in the geographical location on earth, nor will it ever depend on the language pronunciation of the people concerned in that place.

Applying this principle, therefore, have you considered that when it comes to physical products, like the brand names of: Toyota, Ford, Samsung, or Google, they never change at all in any geographical region on the face of this earth, nor pronounced differently in any language of man?

Have you also considered that when it comes to geographical places on earth such as: New York, Madrid, Paris, or Shanghai, that these are always pronounced and referred to in exactly the same manner regardless of the geographical place on earth, or the language of the people there?

Now, finally consider the Proper Names of People on earth such as Thomas Alba Edison, Adolf Hitler, Gautama Buddha, or Mahatma Gandhi? These will always be pronounced exactly as it is written in any geographical place on earth, or in any language of the people.

But WHY do we ever CHANGE the Specific Name for God, nor do we substitute FALSE NAMES in place of their TRUE NAMES? Can you see SATAN’s active disdain and hatred in this very selective corruption, deception, and manipulation?


When God first addressed the man Abram [meaning: “exalted father” H87], he was addressed with that same human-given name (Genesis 11:26).

But when Abram proved his obedience and faithfulness to God, his name was changed to Abraham [meaning: “father of many nations” H85], (Genesis 17:5).

Likewise, his grandson was called, Jacob [Yaqob, H3290], because at birth, he was reckoned as “one who follows at the heel” (Genesis 25:26). However, when he proved that he would not give up in wrestling with God, his name was changed to Israel [Yisrael, H3478], (Genesis 32:28).

Now, in the case of the one who continually rebels against God. Before his fall, “Lucifer” [KJV simply borrowed this name from the Catholic Latin Vulgate which means “Light-bearer”] was originally called in Hebrew as “Helel ben Shahar” or in English “Son of the morning” or “Son of the dawn” [H1121+H7837], (Isaiah 14:12). But all thru out the Bible, he was named as Satan [H7854], meaning the adversary or enemy of God, and of God’s good plans for mankind.

In the New Testament, he was prophesied to be the instigator [king over them] of terrible “destructions.” Thus, he is known in both the Hebrew and Greek languages as “Abaddon” and “Apollyon” which are both synonymous titles of that very same “Destroyer” (Revelation 9:11).


First, as Reflected Thru Bible Translations

The Roman Church (Gentiles) initially took over the biblical translation thru their Latin Vulgate produced by Catholic theologian Jerome in the latter part of the 4th century. This translation which became popular in the western world, later strongly influenced the King James Bible.

Please note that King James of England was mainly Catholic, and was the son of “Bloody Mary” Queen of Scotland. Though Scottish, he was transferred to England to occupy a vacant post in the royal throne. He wanted a better English Bible (after William Tyndale’s), and produced in his own name.

By the way, the completed Greek translation (another Gentile people) came many centuries later –long after Constantine the Great’s conversion to “Christianity.” But please remember that Scriptures were initially given to the Jews. The Scriptures say: “To them [Jews] were given the ‘oracles’ of God” (Romans 3:1,2). And not only that, but it also adds: “the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the law, the service of God, the promises, and the fathers, from Whom Christ came—the eternally blessed of God” (Romans 9:4, 5).

Therefore, contrary to popular beliefs, the Greek versions which came much later was NOT the original version of the New Testament. There are so many proofs why it is not so. Rather than outlining all these points here, please read the attached article in this website instead:

(“25 Irrefutable Reasons Why the New Testament Was NOT Originally Written in Greek(http://biblicaltruths.online/25-irrefutable-reasons-why-the-new-testament-was-not-originally-written-in-greek/)

Then thru Anti-Semitism

This term is defined as: “opposition to, prejudice or discrimination against, or intolerance of Jews, and Jewish culture.” This is the prophetic fulfillment of Christ’s words when He said in Matthew 24:9, “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My NAME’S sake.” The universal hatred according to Christ’s words is because of His Name.

Part of this hatred were the wars against the Jews (burning of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the Bar Kokhba Revolt in 132-136 A.D.), and in our more recent generation, the systematic killing of millions of Jews in Europe during WW II.

Even to this day, the nation of Israel is the most hated in the United Nations Organization.

Anti-Semitism is also shown in the systematic changing of Hebrew names in the Scriptures.

Examples of Changing Hebrew Names by Gentiles:

This started in the pagan Babylonian Empire (Daniel 1:7).

Hebrew — Latin — Babylonian:

DaniEL — Daniel — Belteshazzar

HananaYah — Hananaiah — Shadrach

MishaEL — Mishael — Meschach

AzariYah — Azariah — Abed-nego

This corruption of names were continued in the Latin Vulgate Bible, which was further continued in the King James Bible. Notice that the names of some of the Jewish prophets had God’s name [EL or Yah] at the end of their names, but it was changed due to Anti-Semitism, so it becomes unrecognizable, but also because Latin did not have the letter “Y”.

Hebrew — Latin:

NehemaYah — Nehemiah

IsaYah — Isaiah

YeremaYah — Jeremiah

EzekiEL — Ezekiel

DaniEL — Daniel

HoseYah — Hosea

YoEL — Joel

ObadaYah — Obadiah

ZephaniYah — Zepaniah

ZechariYah — Zachariah



NOTE: there is a big difference between God’s Titles and His HOLY NAME.

God’s Titles are Most Holy, Most Loving, Most Merciful, Almighty Father, etc.

But those descriptions are not God’s Holy Names.

In the Old Testament “BLESS HIS “HOLY NAME” is mentioned 20 times (or more depending on which Bible translation one uses). But how do we obey that, IF we don’t even know His True Name?

In the New Testament, upon teaching the disciples how to pray, the Messiah’s very first point after addressing the Father is: “HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME.” We can therefore see that there is consistency and continuity in both Testaments on this topic. So, how do we continue to obey that command IF we don’t even know His “Holy” Name? (Matthew 6:9).


In King Solomon’s Wisdom Book of Proverbs, he quoted Agur asking these important questions in Proverbs 30:4:

Who has ascended into heaven, or descended?
Who has gathered the wind in His fists?
Who has bound the waters in a garment?
Who has established all the ends of the earth?
What is His Name, and what is His Son’s Name,
If you know?

NOTE: The ancient wisdom among the sages of old knew there had to be two Divine Beings Who have Specific Names. In their quite limited knowledge then, they simply asked the question. But with our more advanced fund of knowledge today, we do know the answer.

We also cannot ignore the second witness to the existence of the two Divine God-beings in Psalm 110:1, where it says: “The LORD said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.” (This verse was also not properly understood then.)

(More of God’s Nature is discussed in the article on this website: “The 7 Biggest Lies About God and Their 3 Causes” (http://biblicaltruths.online/7-biggest-lies-god-3-causes/)


When the Messiah was on earth, He revealed the TRUE NAME of His Father to his disciples. You will read a couple of verses on this from the personal prayer of the Messiah to His Father.

John 17:6 I have manifested [revealed] Your NAME to those whom you have given me out of this world. They were Yours, You gave them to me, and they have kept your word.”

John 17:26 And I have declared to them Your NAME, and [they] will declare it, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”

[NOTE: Christ declared [revealed] His Father’s Name to them that night prior to His death. Soon after that, He was arrested by the mob led by Judas Iscariot. Thus, it was then impossible for Him to still declare it. The sense here, therefore “will declare it” shows that it was now up to His own disciples to declare that Name revealed to them, as the opportunity presents itself.]

QUESTION: Why did Christ reveal the Father’s True Name to only His disciples, and not to the entire general public then?

ANSWER: At the time when Christ walked this earth, it was already then religiously illegal to pronounce the Father’s True Name in public, with the penalty of being “stoned to death.” But still, Christ revealed His Father’s True Name to His disciples. Christ was just being wise then.

It was also likely that among the Gentile communities, the apostle Paul declared such Names to the believers then when he said: “And how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have shewed you, and have taught you publicly, and from house to house….” (Acts 20:20).

“For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” (Acts 20:27)


These massive tampering of the initial Scriptures were not only done by unauthorized Gentile hands (Romans and Greeks), but also by the Jewish Scribes themselves. Due to their superstitious beliefs, they determined that God’s true name was too holy to be pronounced—and therefore, whenever they came upon the Tetragrammaton YHWH (Greek for the four-letter name of God), they instead pronounced the word “Adonai” which means “LORD.” Now, these utterances were later written down as substitutions in the Scriptures.

Somewhat following that superstition, the King James Bible translators also wrote “LORD” instead of the True Name of God. And from the King James translations, all other English Bibles simply copied the word “LORD.” But such is NOT the TRUE NAME of God in the Bible.

This massive tampering has been prophesied right in the Scriptures itself.

“How can you say, ‘We are wise, And the law of the Lord is with us’? Look, the false pen of the scribe certainly works falsehood” (Jeremiah 8:8).

Another prophecy fulfilled in this substitution of Scriptures is found in Jeremiah 23:27:

“who try to make My people forget My name by their dreams which everyone tells his neighbor, as their fathers forgot My name for Baal. [Baal can also mean master or “LORD.”]


Thus, since that time, due to superstition and rampant tampering (about 7,000 times for God’s Name alone), God’s True Name has been hidden from man; contrary to God’s command which reveals YHWH ELOHIM [translated in the KJV as “LORD GOD”] for which God emphatically says: “This is My NAME forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.”


We have just shown the unchanging nature and importance of knowing, honoring, or blessing the True Names of our Heavenly Father, and of our Elder Brother in Heaven (Hebrews 2:11). Now, we are ready to discover their True Names, as distinguished from the false deceptions.


The first thing for us to do is to determine the exact letters in the commonly known “Tetragrammaton” or “Quadriliteral” (in English). All honest Bible scholars agree that the letters should be YHWH יהוה and most agree that it should be pronounced as “Yahweh.”

While most of the King James Bible translators agreed that “YHWH” is God’s True Name, but under the influence of the old superstition of not pronouncing God’s True Name, they substituted it with “LORD”–in English, which is somewhat equivalent to the Hebrew word “Adonai.”

Not only that, but some substituted the true letters for a false one: YHVH and rendered it as ‘Jehovah.” And some English Bibles simply followed that old false tradition. Thus, the prophecy concerning the “lying pen of the Scribe” and substituting God’s Name for “LORD” which is equivalent to “Baal” (master or Lord) has truly been fulfilled according to Jeremiah’s prophecy.


On the question of whether there was a letter “v” in the ancient Hebrew alphabet, there is much evidence for this in both Google and the Jewish Encyclopedia. But here are some other sources:

Evidence # 1, “The New Bible Dictionary” edited by J. D. Douglas, Eerdmans Publishing Company, on the charts on several ancient languages. There simply is NO letter “v” in ALL the ancient languages on pages 1346-1347, including, of course, Hebrew in that double-spread chart.

Evidence # 2 “In the ancient archeological photograph of the Moabite Stone, discovered in 1868 near Moab, the engraved name of the Israelite God does not contain any letter “v.”

Evidence # 3, JEHOVAH: Article by Emil G. Hirsch (Jewish Encyclopedia.com)

[This is] A mispronunciation (introduced by Christian theologians, but almost entirely disregarded by the Jews) of the Hebrew “Yhwh,” the (ineffable) name of God (the Tetragrammaton or “Shem ha-Meforash”). This pronunciation is grammatically impossibleThe reading “Jehovah” is a comparatively recent invention.


Evidence # 4 The Tetragrammaton

The Tetragrammaton or Tetragram, (from Greek τετραγράμματον, meaning “[consisting of] four letters”), is the four-letter Hebrew word יהוה , the name of the biblical God of Israel. The four letters read from right to left, are yodh, he, waw and he. “The form Yahweh is now accepted almost universally”.


Evidence # 5 Excerpts from the Britannica Encyclopedia states the following facts:

Yahweh, the god of the Israelites, whose name was revealed to Moses as four Hebrew consonants (YHWH) called the tetragrammaton.

After the Babylonian Exile (6th century BCE), and especially from the 3rd century BCE on, Jews ceased to use the name Yahweh for two reasons. As Judaism became a universal rather than merely local religion, the more common noun Elohim, meaning “God,” tended to replace Yahweh to demonstrate the universal sovereignty of Israel’s God over all others. At the same time, the divine name was increasingly regarded as too sacred to be uttered; it was thus replaced vocally in the synagogue ritual by the Hebrew word Adonai (“My Lord”), which was translated as Kyrios (“Lord”) in the Septuagint, the Greek version of the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Masoretes, who from about the 6th to the 10th century worked to reproduce the original text of the Hebrew Bible, replaced the vowels of the name YHWH with the vowel signs of the Hebrew words Adonai or Elohim.

Latin-speaking Christian scholars substituted the Y (which does not exist in Latin) with an I or a J (the latter of which exists in Latin as a variant form of I). Thus, the tetragrammaton became the artificial Latinized name Jehovah (JeHoWaH).

Although Christian scholars after the Renaissance and Reformation periods used the term Jehovah for YHWH, in the 19th and 20th centuries biblical scholars again began to use the form Yahweh.

Early Christian writers, such as St. Clement of Alexandria in the 2nd century, had used Yahweh, and this pronunciation of the tetragrammaton was never really lost. Many Greek transcriptions also indicated that YHWH should be pronounced Yahweh.

Source: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica This article was most recently revised and updated by Adam Augustyn, Managing Editor, Reference Content.


Evidence # 6 Excerpted from the Catholic Encyclopedia:

Tetragrammaton (meaning four letters) is God’s name, what we would recognize as Yahweh. “Yahweh” is the spoken word that comes from “the four letters” — YHWH — which are the four consonants of the ancient Hebrew language that represent the divine name of God given to Moses on Mount Sinai (Ex 3:14…).

But how did “Yahweh” get from ancient Hebrew into modern Christian usage?

It seems that, around the sixth or seventh centuries A.D., a group of Hebrew scholars called the Masoretes began to reproduce the Jewish scriptures that had been written in Greek. The “Encyclopedia Britannica” notes that the Masoretes, keeping true to their reverential traditions, did not want to use the vowel signs of the name YHWH. Instead, they used vowel signs for the Hebrew words Adonai or Elohim, thus creating an artificial name YeHoWaH.

Catholic Bibles did not use Jehovah, and not even Yahweh until recently. This is largely due to the 1966 Jerusalem Bible, a work of Dominican and other Bible scholars in France. This was the first official Catholic Bible translation since the Douay Rheims version of the 17th century.

Seeking to return to original texts, the editors of the Jerusalem Bible — which was updated in 1985 as the New Jerusalem Bible — translated Adonai as Yahweh.

However, [Dan] Schutte added that he soon learned that using the Tetragrammaton hurt many Jews. So, he said, he has not used Yahweh in his works since 1973.

Sources: Catholic News Service, The Catholic Encyclopedia; en.wikipedia.org; Jewishencyclopedia.org: www.americancatholicpress.org; Catechism of the Catholic Church; The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia; Reading the Old Testament; The New


Jehovah” was invented by Peter Galatinus, Pope Leo X’s confessor in 1520. But research shows that Raymund Martin published that name even earlier in his book “Pugio Fidei” in 1270.

Some people erroneously assume that God’s name is “Jehovah.” But “Jehovah” according to Webster’s Dictionary, is “an erroneous rendering of the ineffable [inexpressible] name YHWH in the Hebrew scriptures.”

LORD” was also invented by the translators of KJB to substitute for the Tetragrammaton YHWH. Sadly, that name has been derogatorily abused in criminal offenses (e.g., “Drug LORD,” “Gambling LORD,”). Of course, God never wants His Holy Name to be associated with such crimes.

Adonai” was invented by some Jewish Rabbis to substitute pronouncing Yahweh. Due to the extreme caution of Leviticus 24:16 which says: “And whoever blasphemes the name of the LORD shall surely be put to death. All the congregation shall certainly stone him, the stranger as well as him who is born in the land. When he blasphemes the name of the LORD [Yahweh], he shall be put to death.”

HaShem” which literally means, “His Name” was also invented by man.  This is used to refer to God’s True Name, without pronouncing it.  This was invented by some to avoid pronouncing the Holy Name: “Yahweh” due to some superstition of blaspheming that Name (as explained already earlier).


The Encyclopedia Judaica asserts that the “True pronunciation of YHWH (Yahweh) was never lost.” Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 7, p. 680. However, a great superstition prevailed upon the Israelites due to one incident described in Leviticus. 24:10-16.


GOD is universally understood as a generic name for the Supreme Being in monotheism. It does not specify the number of those Beings, nor which among those Beings it is referred to.

The lower case “god” is designated for male idols in mythology (“goddess” for females), which is believed by pagans and false religions to have some influence in nature as “goddess of spring.” It can also refer to statues, idols, ideas, or objects as “Money is his god.”


YAHWEH is the revealed Name of those Divine Personalities. This Name stands for the: “Most Powerful, Self-Existent, Ever-living, Eternally Divine Beings” mentioned over 7,000 times in the Old Testament.

ELOHIM is the very first Name ever mentioned in Genesis 1:1. The name “ELOHIM” is a mass noun — like family, etc., which literary means “Mighty Ones” (or Most Powerful Beings). Since in Hebrew grammar, it ends with the suffix “-im,” it is immediately recognized as a plural noun. The singular form is “EL” and it literary means “The Mighty One.” Source: http://www.theopedia.com/elohim

The compound name is a combination of “YHWH Elohim” (LORD GOD) which is first used in Genesis 2:4, summarizing the creation of the Sabbath and finishing the creation of the Heavens and the earth. It shows a cooperative undertaking of the Creator (the Son) and the Possessor (the Father) of the Heavens and the earth (John 1:1; Colossians 1:16; Genesis 14:19, 22).

Because of the prevalent Anti-Semitic attitudes of some Bible translators (hatred for the Jewish or Israelite people), God’s True Names have been both hidden and hated by most Christians even to this day. But this phenomenon exactly fulfills Christ’s prophecy regarding His true name. (Matthew 24:9b; Luke 21:17). [If you somehow hate reading about this “Holy Name” stuff, it just shows that you are also part of Christ’s prophecy. Sorry, I do not blame you now; it is just a fulfilled fact, for which I was just like you before.]

When referring specifically to “God the Father,” the revealed name is “YHWH EL ELYON” which literary means “The Most High God.” It was first mentioned in Genesis 14:18-22, and ends with being specifically mentioned in Hebrews 7:1 (which refers back to Abram meeting with Melchizedek where it was first mentioned). Of course, the English Bible translators don’t mention those names, which have intentionally been hidden or they were ignorant about them.

A descriptive title for God the Father is “Ancient of Days” referred to in Daniel 7:9, 13.

An intimate address to the Father is “Abba Yahweh” meaning “Daddy Yahweh” in the equivalent English language (Mark 14:36; Romans 8:15; and Galatians 4:6).

In spite of His Eternal, Majestic, and Glorious Greatness, even the “Most High God” — known as the Father or “YHWH El Elyon” the Possessor of Heaven and Earth (Genesis 14:19) — He can still be reached by us through prayers alone. What majestic blessing this is to us.

And we might add here the personhood of the Messiah (Hebrew is “Messiach” or “The Anointed” in English). The equally Eternal and Majestic Creator God (John 1:1-3; Colossians 1:16), Who will soon come to reign as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords [or Master of masters] (Revelation 17:14; 19:16) — Who almost 2,000 years ago voluntarily offered Himself as the ultimate sacrifice in a horribly excruciating death (Philippians 2:6-8) — has always been also LORD God (YHWH Elohim) from the very beginning, but still continually serves us as our merciful High Priest and Savior who intercedes for us before God the Father’s throne (Hebrews 4:14-16; 7:25; and 9:11). (More on this “Creator God” later.)

Meanwhile, both of them sent the Spirit of God the Father which is also the Spirit of Christ (Romans 8:9) to be our Comforter, to help us be sanctified, and purified while awaiting the promised eternal life, so we can also be part of God’s Eternal Ruling Kingdom.


We have just shown the hidden Names of God in the Old Testament. Recall that there was NO letter “v” in the ancient Hebrew alphabet, and therefore, “Jehovah” is a falsely invented name. Likewise, YaHoWah” is also an artificial Latinized name. Also, the name “Adonai” is simply an invented name by the Jews uttered to substitute for the True Name of Yahweh.


The biblical Messiah came from an Israelite family of the tribe of Judah who traced their lineage to Abraham, to Noah, and even beyond. Coming from a very long generation of Hebrew families, obviously and very logically, He had a Hebrew name, and thus was called by that name.

Since this massive Satanic corruption was done to the names of the prophets, do you think that the Names of God would be exempted? Obviously, God’s Names are Satan’s primary targets.


Letter “J” is the youngest letter in the Roman alphabet, which was introduced only about 400 years ago. Prior to the 16th century, there was NO such thing as a letter “J.” The Name of “Jesus” then was only spelled as “IESVS.” Thus, this name “Jesus” started to be popularized only in the later editions of the King James Bible, most likely sometime in about 1630. While there is some claim that the letter “J” started much earlier, there is no proof to that, except empty claims.

For PROOFS, a photograph of the King James Bible of 1611 and two years later in 1613 (remember that the KJB was published first in the 1611 version) did not contain any letter ‘J’ in all its texts. Please look at the enlarged photographs of those King James Bibles of 1611 and 1613 at APPENDIX-5 at the end of this article.

Thus, the popular name “Jesus” /ˈdʒiːzəs/ used in the English language Bibles originated from the Latin form of the Greek name Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous), also falsely claiming the variant of “Jeshua” (mentioned 30 times in our English Bible as a common Hebrew name, and thus found in several ossuaries in Israel).

Upon revision of those original translations, which now contained that name “Jesus” it was subsequently copied in the other English Bible versions when the Church of England finally approved a revision in 1881-1885 English Revised Version. Note that the King James Bible copied those names from the Latin Vulgate: “Iesu”; in Greek: “Iesous”; and in English: “Jesus.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulgate)

But in reality, “Jesus” has no significant meaning in either the Greek, or Latin, or in any other language, except that the name sounds like the end syllable of the most prominent Greek god “Zeus.” An Etymological Study of that name is found in APPENDIX-3 at the end of this article.

Please note that the letter “J” is not sounded in Latin. It is substituted by the letter “i” as in Juventus / Iuventus, but pronounced as “gioventù.” Likewise, Justinian is pronounced as Iustinianus.

The letter “J” is also not found in the Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek languages. In German, the letter “J” is sounded as “y” as in “ja” (yes) and the name “Johannes” (pronounced as Yohannes).

Furthermore, there is NO “J” sound in the Spanish language. The letter J is pronounced like an “h” sound. Thus, Spanish words having such letter “J” is sounded as a letter “h” like in jalapeño pronounced as (halapeño), and “jabon” is pronounced as “habon” [soap] in Spanish.

Neither is letter “J” found in the Russian alphabet, and among all Filipino dialects. Thus, “Jesus” will be pronounced as “Hesus” and “Jehovah” will be pronounced as “Heyoba” in Filipino, and in all Spanish-speaking regions in the world. It is the same case in many other similar languages.

Since the letter “J” came only in the last 400 years, obviously, many centuries before that time, people did not pronounce His name as “Jesus.” Therefore, WHY on earth would the Messiah choose a name which many languages cannot even pronounce? Is he not supposed to be the Lord and Savior of all mankind?

For a Commentary on the Name Yahshua, please read APPENDIX-1 at the end of this article. And for more scholarly details on the name “Jesus” please read APPENDIX-2 at the end of this article.


There was indeed a massive editing work done on the initial publication of the Bible then to reflect such changes—or more properly—corruptions when the letter “J” became popularized.

Jacob was originally called “Yaqob”; “Jehoiakim” was originally “Yehoiakim”; “Jeremiah” was originally “YeremiYah”; Joel” was originally “Yo’el” to reflect the name of God; while “Jerusalem” was originally “Yarusalayim,” while “HalleluYah” was also corrupted in its spelling. Source: Institute for Scripture Research Bible.


Let us remember that only God the Father has the right to give a proper name to His Son. Therefore, He sent one of His Chief Angels down to earth to make sure that the Name He will give His Son will be followed exactly to the letter. But did humans follow the Father’s will?

Remember, the Angel Gabriel went and spoke to both Joseph (Yoseph) and Mary (Miryam) in the Hebrew language (for they were both Jews) and told them the prescribed name is “Yahshua” [ישוע], meaning “Yah will save His people from their sins” as decreed by the Father in Heaven.

Sadly, in both these verses, the translators corrupted the True Name of the Messiah as found in most English Bibles, Matthew 1:21; Luke 1:31. Therefore, the true name is not “Jesus.”

His Name should therefore reflect the meaning and His mission on earth – which in Hebrew would be Yahshua. As we have already seen, God usually names persons for what they are.

The Angel could not have spoken in Greek, because Savior in the Greek language would be σωτήρας “Sotíras” from which we get the term Soteriology (a theological course about our Savior); nor did he speak in the Latin language, because it would be “Salvator” (for savior). Truly, this whole world had been DECEIVED for many centuries already. It is time to wake up!

Please remember also that God is consistent, even until the time of Paul, when He spoke in Hebrew to Paul the Hebrew; (of which Yoseph and Miryam also were). Notice Paul’s testimony in Acts 26:14. “And when we all had fallen to the ground, I heard a voice speaking to me and saying in the Hebrew language, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.”


CHRIST” Meaning the “Anointed.” Derived from Christos, (Greek=Kyrios; Hebrew=Messiach). While this is not exactly accurate, it is a name fully understood by most in the world.

JESUS” Derived from the Greek “Iesous” (from “Hye Zeus”=the Greek supreme pagan god). The analysis and etymology of this name is found at the APPENDIX-3 at the end of this article.

[Joshua is the name of Moses’ military commander whose name did not change in spelling until the New Testament period (Hebrews 4:8). But notice that his name was originally Hoshea (Deuteronomy 32:44). It was Moses who simply changed his name to Joshua.]

YAHSHUA or Yeshua; which is correct?

The correct spelling is “YAHSHUA” because he is the Son ofYAHWEH.” God’s shortened name is “YAH.” Notice these telling verses in: Psalm 68:4; Isaiah 12:2; Isaiah 26:4; and Isaiah 38:11, which all says “YAH.” This is the very reason we praise God saying: HalleluYah! We never say HalleluYeh!

The reasons why “Yeshua” is being used are:

  1. The Rabbis do not believe that the MessiYah was from God in the first place.
  2. The Rabbis believe that the Messiah was just a man, that’s why they killed him.
  3. The High Priest do not believe that the Messiah is the Son of God (Luke 22:70, 71).
  4. The Rabbis somehow believe that the name “YAH” belongs exclusively to God alone.
  5. The Rabbis feared that the name Yahshua will be too close to blasphemy against God.
  6. The name “Jeshua” is just a common Hebrew name, used 30x in the Old Testament.
  7. Since Hebrew does not have a letter “J” so, they settled for the word “Yehsua.”
  8. The name Yehsua or Jeshua is very closely similar to the false name “Jesus.”


We must be accurate and precise in determining the True Name of the Messiah. We cannot just accept any other name, nor a substituted man-made name. While our present Bibles are already badly corrupted by man, yet God insists from His throne on High, that concerning our salvation, “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12). Shall we follow God’s verdict, or just man’s?


Simply because we are aware of the knowledge of the True Names for God, does not give us the freedom or license to flaunt our knowledge on these matters, without considering the following principles from God’s words.


The life and conduct of Christ while on earth gives us some guidelines on this matter. During the life of Christ on earth, He did not flaunt the name “Yahweh” to them, so as not to offend the religious leaders of His day. But He taught that name privately to His disciples (John 17:6, 26). In public, He continually talked about His Father, but never did he utter that “Holy Name.”

Instead, he taught His disciples some wisdom: “Do not give what is holy [like God’s Holy Name] to the dogs [the unbelievers]; nor cast your pearls [God’s precious truths] before swine [to the unconverted], lest they trample them under their feet [despise God’s Holy Truths], and turn and tear you in pieces [where you become hated and made their enemy].” (Matthew 7:6).

Since God’s Name is considered “holy” it should not be carelessly uttered or mentioned unnecessarily to the public, or to any of those who do not appreciate it. Otherwise, they will just despise or debate with you, and thus, its holiness will be tarnished.

In the same manner that we never call out the personal name of our human father in public. If ever it is needed to be uttered, we say it reverently and with respect. Let us instead follow the examples in the Bible where Christ uttered, “Abba Father” in His private prayer or in private communion with God His Father (Romans 8:15; and in Galatians 4:6).


What is the correct application of: Exodus 23:13; Joshua 23:7,8; and Hoshea 2:17.

“And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth” (Exodus 23:13)

“and lest you go among these nations, these who remain among you. You shall not make mention of the name of their gods, nor cause anyone to swear by them; you shall not serve them nor bow down to them, but you shall hold fast to the Lord your God, as you have done to this day” (Joshua 23:7, 8).

“For I will take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name” (Hoshea 2:17).

The intent or command behind these prohibitions is mentioned in Joshua 23:7, 8 which says that we should not swear by, serve, nor bow (or worship) before these gods or idols. It was also prophesied that the name of “Baalim” (plural form), is to be removed from our mouth.

There is a prophecy when the Messiah will come to rule this earth. At that time, this world will be united under God, and under that Name of God [Yahweh]. Please read the prophecy in Zechariah 14:9 which reads:” And the Lord shall be King over all the earth. In that day it shall be— “The Lord is one, ”And His name one.”

Please notice first that we are commanded not to swear by, serve, nor bow, before these idols. Secondly, notice that the name: “Baalim” is even used here, yet God says these names shall not come out of our mouths. Very obviously, we cannot depict what God does not want us to use without naming it first. The real intent here is NOT to serve or worship these idols.

Now, let’s take a case in point concerning the experience of the apostle Paul in Mar’s Hill, in Athens, Greece. He addressed and made mention of their “Unknown God” which he fully described and which resulted to the conviction of Dionysius and Damaris, and a few others (Acts 17:22-34).

While we should avoid unnecessarily naming idols; it is still proper to use the generic name, god as a point of reference to what we actually should avoid.

Likewise, it is still proper for us to use a term or terms which most people in this world understand. For example, everyone understands what we mean when we use the term “God” or “Christ.” Otherwise, how can we explain what we mean to the unconverted of this world?

Even the apostle Paul had to use common terms which are understood by all his listeners when he was explaining to the Greeks at Mar’s Hill about their “Unknown God.” Therefore, we should not be too narrow-minded to not even mention “God” to those who can only understand that name—the Supreme Being in the Universe. If they show further interest in this God, then we can then introduce to them their proper names.

There are two other principles that we need to learn from the apostle Paul. The first is that he taught in Corinth that: “For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more; … to the Jews, I became a Jew… to those under the law, as under the law… to those who are without law, as without law… to the weak, I became as weak… I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. Now this I do for the gospel’s sake…” (1 Corinthians 9:19-23)

Another principle from the apostle Paul is: “yet in the Church I would rather speak five words with my understanding, that I may teach others also, than ten thousand words in a tongue” [which no one understands] (1 Corinthians 14:19).


Let us remain gentle, kind, and understanding to those whose minds are not yet opened by God to these Truths. Some are being called to the truths now, while the others will still be later. Let us remember that only God is able to properly judge each person in his own time.

As the apostle Paul said: “But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt for your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. For it is written: “As I live, says the Lord, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God.” So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. Therefore, let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother’s way” (Romans 14:10-13).

5. Answering Objections on This Topic of “Holy Names”

A. Most People cannot pronounce the proper “J” sound.

This is because we have arbitrarily and wrongfully selected names which starts with the letter “J” like in “Jehovah” and “Jesus” when referring to God and to Christ. Very obviously, many languages do not have the correct sound of “J” in their alphabets or in their language phonetics. Thus, all Spanish-speaking regions for example (including the Philippines, with its 109 million population) will simply say, “Heyoba” and “Hesus” for “Jehovah” and “Jesus.” Rather, we should use the correct terms for their correct names: “Yahweh” and “Yahshua.”

Philippians 2:11 predicts that “every tongue should confess” that Yahshua Messiah is YAHWEH (the Son), to the glory of YAHWEH His Father.” [Hebraic Roots Bible].

B. God’s True Name is “I AM THAT I AM.”

Many in the churches of God used to read Exodus 3:14 which claims to state that God’s true name is “I Am that I Am” (EHYAH ASHER EHYAH) However, a grammatical examination of the context of that statement is that God was simply explaining to Moses who He really is.  The problem here is that this full description is basically used only once in this conversation with Moses, and was not talking about His Real Name but just a description of His Name. What most fail to do is to simply read on to the very next verse to get the context of the whole conversation. Therefore, what is that Name, when He states “This is My NAME FOREVER, [which is also] MY MEMORIAL FOR ALL GENERATIONS (Exodus 3:15)?

Sadly, the English translation has somewhat effectively hidden that True NAME here. But in the Hebraic Roots Bible, we read: “And Elohim said to Moses again, You shall say this to the sons of Israel, YAHWEH, the Elohe of your fathers, the Elohe of Abraham, the Elohe of Isaac, and the Elohe of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is how I will be remembered from generation to generation.”

We just cannot IGNORE the several hundreds of verses declaring God’s True Name.

Deuteronomy 6:12 “then you shall be on guard that you do not forget YAHWEH who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the land of slaves.”

Deuteronomy 6:15 for YAHWEH your Elohim, is a jealous Elohim in your midst, lest the anger of YAHWEH your Elohim burn against you, and He destroy you from off the face of the earth. (Exodus 34:14).

Isaiah 42:8 I am YAHWEH, that is My name; And I will not give My glory to another, Nor My praise to engraved images. [NOTE: Can we get any clearer than that?]

Isaiah 65:11 But you are those who forsake YAHWEH, who forget my holy mountain; who array a table for Gawd (The Babylonian deity of fortune) and who fill mixed wine for Meni (the deity of fate). [All four citations are from the Hebraic Roots Bible].

Other Basic Assumptions:

C. Assuming that All Scriptures can never be in error?

The original autographs (meaning copies made by the hands of the original Bible writers) were inspired and therefore were without errors. However, those copies after thousands of years are long gone. What we have today are copies of copies of many layers of generations. Therefore, many errors and corruptions have crept into some of the texts intentionally. For example, 1 John 5:7 is a spurious (false) addition. Likewise, Matthew 28:19 has also been corrupted. For more proofs on these, please read the article: “Has the Bible Been Tampered to Support a Certain Doctrine?” (http://biblicaltruths.online/has-the-bible-been-tampered-to-support-a-certain-doctrine/)

In addition to this fact, we know of so many Bible versions trying to improve on previous ones. From the William Tyndale’s version (he was betrayed and killed in 1536), we had the King James Version of 1611. Needing serious corrections, the British Revised Standard Version was produced in 1881-1885. But with the input of American scholars, a New Revised Version was produced in 1901. Still unhappy with that version, a new one was copyrighted in 1928. Meanwhile, the British New Revised Version was authorized by the committee in 1951. But that was not the end. The New King James Version was copyrighted in 1983; while the New International Version was copyrighted in 1984. However, there were still corrections needed, and thus the Hebraic Roots Bible’s 3rd edition was copyrighted in 2015. Therefore, we can see a continued refining and correction of the Scriptures and the continual rooting out of errors.

D. Reasoning from an already tampered (or corrupted) version of the Bible as proof?

Sadly, one cannot defend the truth on the basis of an already corrupted copy of Scriptures. Like citing the proof of Christ’s Name [Jesus] from the corrupted Gospel accounts concerning His name.

E. Falsely assuming that Greek was the original New Testament language?

This is a lengthy topic. If you have not yet read it, I suggest that you read now the article: “25 Irrefutable Reasons Why the New Testament Was NOT Originally Written in Greek(http://biblicaltruths.online/25-irrefutable-reasons-why-the-new-testament-was-not-originally-written-in-greek/)

F. Messianics assuming it is their exclusive authority to produce the correct name?

To minimize such confusion in various names and spellings, it is always best to rely on the work of true reputable Biblical scholars who are being led by the Holy Spirit of God. Otherwise, we will simply be following in the footsteps of the ancient Israelites where “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 17:6; 21:25).

G.  Why did H.W.Armstrong not talk on this topic when he was still alive?

Those who have a “Worldwide Church of God” background would likely ask this question. Herbert W. Armstrong [1892-1986], whose name is commonly abbreviated as “HWA,” was the founder of the Worldwide Church of God. But he was with Elders Andrew Nugent Dugger (A.N. Dugger) and Clarence Orvil Dodd (C.O. Dodd) from the Church of God 7th Day in the 1930s. Due to a seeming spiritual rivalry; while HWA focused on British Israelism and Bible Prophecy; Elders Dugger and Dodd focused their study on the Sacred Names. As may be expected, each party did not quite favor the other group’s efforts—thus HWA’s assistants and ministers somewhat disdained any serious efforts towards the study of the Sacred Names. I would say, we were somewhat intellectually narrow-minded at that time.

Although to some extent, please honestly recall that HWA tried not to use “Jesus” in his preaching but rather used “Christ” instead. At the same time, HWA fully recognized the “tetragrammaton” as the name of the “Eternal.” He often quoted from the Moffatt translation of the Bible which uses the word “Eternal” consistently. HWA also recognized and preached “Elohim” as the plural form of the Divine Beings.

Proof of these events is found in APPENDIX-6 at the end of this article.

H. How come reports of demons have been cast out using Jesus’ name?

God honors and respects the pure innocence of a person until that person knows better. But once that person is properly enlightened by the truth, God expects that person to repent. “Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent, …” (Acts 17:30).

I. Does not the Book of Revelation say that Philadelphian over-comers will then be given a new name–Yahshua’s new name? Will Yahshua still have a new Name?

Revelation 3:12b says, “And I will write upon him My new Name.” Since God names beings for what they are, “Yahshua” (which means “Yahweh’s salvation”) will no longer be that, but perhaps, “Yahweh Reigns”?

J. If YAHWEH is God’s Name, why did Christ not call on God by that Name?

Many wonder why at His crucifixion, Christ did not use “Yahweh” in calling His Father? There are basically two reasons: First, He is already the Yahweh (meaning: Ever-living One) of Israel. Secondly, since He knew the True Father intimately, He called Him in the plaintive and pleading Aramaic language “Eli, Eli! lemana shabakthani” (Mark 15:34). Reference: AENT. (I hope to explain more details on this in a future article.)

K. If Christ’s Name was YAHSHUA, why were believers first called “Christians” in Antioch?

The believers at Antioch at that time still did not have a formal name—except that they were considered (by outsiders) as followers of the Sect of the Nazarenes (Acts 24:5). But while Paul was defending himself before King Felix, he claims to be following the Sect called “The Way” (Acts 24:14). Since the believers at Antioch still did not have a formal name, the Gentile outsiders called them with what they appeared to be: Followers of the Anointed Messiah among the Hebrews. The Bible translators translated that into the Greek language as “Followers of Kristos” which is more properly translated grammatically as “Kristianay.” Then, the English translators rendered that with the modern word “Christians.” (Acts 11:26). Source: AENT, page 338, footnote.

L. If Christ’s Name was YAHSHUA, why did false prophets come in Christ’s Name (not Yahshua’s name)?

Because this world has already been conditioned to believe in the popular name of Christ. And obviously, false prophets will not come in an obscure name to get a big following. Let us remember that God’s Name is sanctified and Holy, and not used wantonly.

M. What does Obedience to the Third Commandment imply?

Exodus 20:7 “Do not take the Name of YAHWEH your Elohim in vain; for YAHWEH will not leave unpunished the one who takes His name in vain” [Hebrew Roots Bible]

The Hebrew word “in vain” is “saw” [Strong’s H7723, or GK H8736] which means worthlessness, falseness, lying. OR false, worthless, lies, deceit; meaningless.” It also means to change, falsify, or make common.

Thus, to change, falsify, or make His name meaningless or make it common in an ordinary language, will makes one guilty of breaking the third commandment.


As true believers, we want to exemplify and be credited with the Philadelphian attitude by God Himself. It is therefore important that we do NOT deny His Name, for which reason God will also spare us from the coming Great Tribulation (Revelation 3:10). The verse quoted in Revelation 3:8 says, “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have NOT denied My name.”

As an added tremendous blessing, please note what Revelation 14:1 says: “And I saw, and behold, the Lamb standing on Mount Zion! And with Him were a hundred and forty-four thousand, with the name of His Father having been written in their foreheads.”

NOTE: To have something written on the forehead shows that it is forever in their minds. The true believers have the name of YAHWEH indelibly written in their minds and have surrendered their wills to Him and are fully servants of Yahshua.

And having the Father’s Name YAHWEH indelibly written in their forehead [or in their mind] is one very important criterion in being counted to be among the very blessed elect of 144,000 to rule in God’s Kingdom.

Will you be among them?

Final Conclusion

Hopefully, the spiritual blindness and deceptions concerning the True Names of God have now been removed from your mind. Please continue to pray for more spiritual enlightenment and for the blessings of biblical understanding through this website.

At the same time, we should be sensitive and kind to those who have not yet grown enough in grace and knowledge to recognize and adopt that Name in their private spiritual lives.

The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it.” `~David Stevens


The name Yahshua means Yahweh’s salvation, so by stating His name and then showing what the name means “He will save His people from their sins” clearly show the Aramaic writing style that does not exist in the Greek. The name “Jesus” has no such etymology in Greek and comes from “Ieasous” which is the masculine form of the pagan goddess of healing Ieasa.
~Footnote on Matthew 1:21, from the Hebrew Roots Bible, page 1176.


Jesus: Consider Iesous, rendered as “Jesus” in the English versions up to now. For example, the authoritative Greek-English Lexicon of Liddell & Scott, under Iaso, the Greek goddess of healing reveals that the name Iaso is Ieso in the Ionic dialect of the Greeks, Iesous being the contracted genitive form. In David Kravitz, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Mythology, we found a similar form, namely Iasus. There were four different Greek deities with the name of Iasus, one of them being the son of Rhea. Further, it is well known that Ies is the abbreviated form of the name Iesous, and Dr. Bullinger, in The Apocalypse, p. 396, says Ies was part of the name of Bacchus. Also see Come Out of Her, My People, by C. J. Koster.

~From Explanatory Notes of The Scriptures, Institute for Scripture Research, pages 1223-1224.


Etymology of the name “Jesus”

“Je” or “Ge” = in Latin means earth (as in Geology = study of our physical earth.)

“sus” = in Hebrew means Horse (138x) GK# 6061; Strong’s #H5483 to 5485

“susa” or “susah” = in Hebrew = mare (female horse); GK# 6063; Strong’s #5484

“sus” in Latin means pig (part of its scientific name)

Classification and Scientific Name of Domestic Pigs (https://www.bartleby.com/essay/Classification-and-Scientific-Name-of-Domestic-Pigs-)

Sus means “pig”, scrofa means “breeding sow”, and domeseticus means “domesticated” in Latin. Its higher taxonomic order follows: Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Artiodactyla, Family Suidae, Genus Sus, Species scrofa/domestica, Subspecies (only if Species is scrofa) domesticus.

The scientific classification Sus domestica was designated to pigs domesticated for a farm setting, but it also encompasses pet pigs, which are truly the same animal, but bred to be much smaller.



This shows that very many believe in the True Name and have incorporated these in the Bibles they use.

  • Abrahamic Faith Nazarene Hebraic Study Scriptures (2010)
  • HalleluYah Scriptures (2009, 2015)
  • Hebraic-Roots Version (2001, 2004, 2015)
  • His Name Tanakh (In Progress)
  • Neno La Yahweh Swahili version (2014)
  • NJV Bible – New Jerusalem Version (2019)
  • Restoration Scriptures: True Name Edition (2004)
  • Sacred Name King James Bible (2005)
  • Shem Qadosh Version (2014)
  • The Aramaic English New Testament (2008, 2012)
  • The Jerusalem Bible (Version 1968, 1985)
  • The Restored Name King James Version (2012?)
  • The Scriptures (ISR) Version (1993, 1998, 2009)
  • The Seventh Millennium Version (2007)
  • Zikarown Say’fer Memorial Scroll (2004)


ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA SOURCES: (https://www.britannica.com/topic/Yahweh)

King James Bible

Wikimedia Commons Notice that there is NO letter “J” at all in this early edition of the King James Bible of 1613.

Below is a facsimile of the earlier 1611 version of the King James Bible.

This is the original 1611 photocopy of the King James Bible. Note at the center topmost is the “tetragrammaton, and below it is a dove. Pictured are the patriarchs and the apostles.



The Sacred Name Movement (SNM) began within the Church of God (Seventh-Day) in Christianity, propagated by Clarence Orvil Dodd in the 1930s, which claims that it seeks to conform Christianity to its “Hebrew Roots” in practice, belief, and worship.

The best-known distinction of the SNM is its advocacy of the use of the “sacred name” Yahweh (Hebrew: יַהְוֶה), i.e., the reconstructed proper name of the God of Israel, and the use of the original Hebrew name of Jesus, often transliterated as Yahshua. SNM believers also generally keep many of the Old Testament laws and ceremonies such as the Seventh-day Sabbath, Torah festivals, and kashrut food laws.

Clarence Orohrelle Dodd (February 5, 1899 – December 25, 1955), often known as Clarence Orvil Dodd and C. O. Dodd, was an American author and magazine editor and an Elder of a particular Church of God (Seventh Day) denomination church in Salem, West Virginia in the early 20th century. In 1937 Dodd founded The Faith magazine, where he served as editor for many years.

Dugger, Andrew Nugent; Dodd, Clarence Orvil (1936). A History of the True Church. Salem, West Virginia: The Bible Advocate. OCLC 3211625.

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