What Was Really “Finished”?

How biblically accurate is the common interpretation of Christ’s statement, “It is finished!”?

Some Christians frequently quote Christ’s words on the cross, “It is finished,” when referring to the salvation process. To reinforce this interpretation, they also support it with the statement, “It is done.”

In using these two short sentences (“It is finished” and “It is done”), they affirm that in the salvation process, there is nothing more that we humans (or even God) could ever add, or should ever do, because everything is allfinished” and all has already been “done” for us by Christ Himself.

More specifically, this interpretation also focuses on in the belief that there is even no more need to still keep any of God’s laws and commandments, because that would be tantamount to simply adding more “works” to that which is already finished. Acts of further obedience to God’s laws is viewed to directly contradict the belief that salvation should be based on “faith alone” and nothing more. Thus, adherents to this type of teaching confidently keep on celebrating their finishedvictory” in Christ at every worship opportunity. This system of belief is somewhat related to the popular teaching on “Once Saved, Always Saved,” which has already been addressed on this website.

Many websites in the Internet on the topic of “It is finished” support these stated ideas. According to one article, Jesus does not need your “help” because, supposedly, “it is [all] finished.”

But what does the Bible really say? And what did Christ really mean when He said those words?

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What Is God’s Plan for Mankind?

Does God care about you?

Yes, I mean you personally — the one reading this article.

Does He care about your family, your friends, and your loved ones?

How about those who are not Christians and have no desire to be Christians? How about them? Will God simply toss them into an ever-burning hell to be punished and tortured forever — like what most preachers today teach?

How about those people who lived before Bibles were printed? How about those who lived before Jesus was born? How about those who lived in countries where it was or is illegal to preach and believe Christianity? Are the babies born there condemned to an eternity in hell — through no fault of their own?

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Why Is God Seemingly Losing the Battle in Saving Humanity?

Any thinking person can clearly observe that there are very much more non-Christians than Christians in our world today. Where is God in all these?

Is there really such a good, loving, wise, and powerful God which Christians claim to believe in? If so, why is He not doing anything to correct this bad and unfavorable situation? Does He even care at all? Or is He dead as others believe?

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Did the Thief on the Cross Go to Paradise on That Very Day?

For most Christians, the thief on the cross represents people on this earth — people who are saved by merely believing in God. We can read the story of this thief in Luke 23:39-43 where Christ was drawing near to His death. One of the criminals who was crucified with Him showed a sign of faith in Christ. Many assumed that Christ granted the criminal salvation at that very hour.

Did the thief on the cross go to heaven with Christ on the very day he died? Many use this to prove that only faith is needed. But what does the Bible say?

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Does the “Sinner’s Prayer” Really Work?

The “Sinner’s Prayer” is a popular term used in Protestant and Evangelical Christian circles. It refers to any form of prayer that conveys repentance and the desire to start or form a relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ.

For most preachers and Christians, they see the Sinner’s Prayer as the defining moment of one’s salvation. The moment you prayed this prayer, you are saved. But is this belief biblically accurate? Does the Bible support the idea that you will be saved when you pray a certain prayer — like a “password” to God’s Kingdom?

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Is “Universal Salvation” a Biblically Correct Teaching?

Is everybody going to be saved?

Another great controversy raging in today’s world of Christianity is the teaching on “Universal Salvation,” “Universal Reconciliation,” or “Universalism” for short.

This is the belief that because of Christ’s love, all people will be saved in the end. Hell is just a metaphor for humans. Others believe that hell is the equivalent of purgatory (a temporary state or form of punishment), but that hell is the real destination for the demons — but not humans. Is this true?

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Is “Once Saved, Always Saved” a Biblically Correct Doctrine?

There is much controversy and confusion over this modern-day teaching. It was developed centuries ago by one of the Protestant reformers John Calvin (though he got the original idea from Catholic bishop Augustine).

It’s time we analyze this teaching in light of what the Bible really says.

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