Just What Was “Nailed to the Cross”?

Apart from Christ Himself, and Pilate’s inscription (John 19:19, 20) — both of which have been nailed to the cross — most Christians believe that there is another invisible thing that has also been “nailed to the cross.” This is due to the apostle Paul’s statement in Colossians 2:14. To this day, there is great controversy as to what Paul was really referring to.

Many Christians believe that the Ten Commandments were definitely included in that which was “nailed to the cross.” That is why it is popularly taught that we do not need to keep any of those commandments anymore — and that as Christians, we are now freed from such obedience, provided we just believe in God.

Is this true? What does the Bible really say about this belief? It is time we determined the true answer to this question based on correct biblical facts.

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