What Is the Kingdom of God?

I have good news for you.

Our world’s biggest problems will be solved!

Evil and suffering. Conflict and wars. Global poverty. Corruption in government. Crime and terrorism. Lack of education. Political instability. Food and water shortages. Climate change and destruction of natural resources.

The list goes on.

We have learned that the true gospel Jesus brought from God the Father was the good news of the Kingdom of God. But just what is the Kingdom of God?

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What Is the True Gospel?

Since when did the death of a good person become good news? Think about it.

Since when did the brutal murder of an innocent man become a reason for celebration? (Could a sadistic, evil influence be behind this?)

Yet, it is almost universally believed and taught that Jesus Christ’s death for your sins and mine is at the heart and core of the gospel. Is this biblical?

Is it possible that we have also been deceived about the real gospel message?

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